[ Shoot in manual mode for beginners ]

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While most cameras do a perfect job when utilizing the automatic mode,
to ensure you make the most out of any photography session,
you should master how to operate a camera on a full manual setting.
This requires an understanding of the ISO speed and shutter speed settings.
 Shutter speed is a number, usually 1/n and ISO speed is represented

 by a number usually from 100 to 6400 or more depending on the camera type.

ISO speed: This is similar with the settings of ISO speed that is used in film cameras.
 It is sensitivity of light that the film uses.
The more the ISO speed, the higher the light the sensor picks.
 However, the more the ISO speed,
 the more the noise made and hence poor image quality.

Shutter speed: This simply represent the speed at
which the opening and closing of shutter takes.
The fast the speed of shutter, the better the camera’s freezing
action and hence quality images. However, a quick shutter speed
limits the light that enters the camera.
There are many cool effects that you can do by keeping
the shutter open for a long time while the camera is fixed on a tripod.

Aperture is the third way to control light coming into your camera.
 The scale used to measure the size of the opening (called the aperture) is the “f-number” scale. 
Smaller number means the opening is bigger.
 Each lens you own will have a number written on it like “F4” or “F1.8”. 
The number written on the lens is the biggest opening the lens can handle.

How to shoot manually in any setting:

– Indoor settings
For good indoor photography, ensure that the ISO is as low as possible. 
The shutter speed should be at 1/50 or more. If the speed of 
shutter is 1/200 or more when centered, lower the ISO speed.
– Outdoor setting
To make a good outdoor shoot, make sure you stand
in the same light as the main target. 
The light source should always be behind you and your shoulder should be angled 
towards the source of light. . 
The ISO speed ought to be as low as possible
 and the shutter speed should be centered.


Shooting in the manual mode for beginners
 is not as complicated as most people portray it.

If you try to follow these tips and practice a lot,
you will definitely enjoy photography.
Have a wonderful week!
[ photos by me ]

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