[ Using natural light in photography ]

Photography is an art. One of the major factors vital in photography is light. Surely, we cannot have photographs with the absence of light. It is very easy to forget the great rewards of natural light.
 Most persons think that in order to achieve great photos without studio lightings is really challenging. However, natural light can not only make you one of the most skilled photographers, but also creates rather stunning high quality images for you. You should work with the environment best rather than manipulating it. If at all you are up to the task, here follows tips on really how to use natural light in photography.
As you may think working during the day is better rather than early in the morning or late during the sun set, quality photography using natural light requires you to shoot images in the morning or late in the evening. This timing is best for you to shoot quality photos since the contrast is low and really, the light is colorful and also very soft. Moreover, a cloudy day too can be awesome. This is because it usually eliminates extremes of light and also shade.
The sun is the only source of natural light that can be used in photography on earth. You have to watch it out during photography. You should check the suns direction so as to avoid harsh directional shadows in your photos. Very bright light subjected to your camera on a bright day leads to the formation of stark shadows, hotspots and also very high contrast. If at all you want to take photos from your house, you should open or close the curtains to control the amount of light into the room. If you have two windows, you can cover one so as to get the direction and focus of light you need. You therefore ought to check the suns direction so as to avoid factors that may lead to formation of low quality images.
You should be considerate of your photo background. If at all you are taking your shootings outside, ensure that you are about three or four meters at the front of your background. You may choose the background to be some foliage, a wall or anything of your choice. You need to use wide aperture so as to give you really a shallow depth of field that will blur details out in your background. Moreover, you should use a tripod to help you maintain sharp focus and also eliminate any camera shake.
Using natural light in photography requires you to use mainly a medium range film speed may be of like 400. This makes sure that you will be able to shoot images almost in all lighting situations. Normally, high and low speed films are much sensitive to situations and can lead to time wasting as you try taking other shots to replace missed ones. It is generally an awesome idea choosing a shutter speed for using during the day and adjusts only the F Stop.
Working regularly in a natural light photography brings out fewer mistakes and more successes.
 Keep fun in natural light photography and everything shall turn out fine.
Have a wonderful day!
[ photos by me ]
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